Student Scholar Days Application

Below is the link to the application to take part in Student Scholar Days.  In addition to answering each question, you will be required to submit a 150-500 word abstract (See "How to Prepare an Abstract" below on this page). Please do not submit your application without first clearing the submission with your faculty mentor and the department chair of the academic area your presentation will represent.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Kristy Duran at or Leslie Macklin at

How to Prepare an Abstract

What is an abstract?

An abstract is a brief (150-500 word) summary of your project, which includes purpose, context, methods, brief conclusion. The goal of an abstract is to entice the reader to come to your presentation/performance or poster and learn more about your work.

How to write an abstract:

  • Briefly describe what is already known 
  • Describe the motivation behind your project and how it contributes to what is already known 
  • Describe how you approached your project  
  • Describe the outcome of your project 
  • Write a one or two sentence conclusion on the implications of your work 

For more information, please attend the workshop on How to Prepare an Abstract on February 14th at 4pm in Porter Hall 130. Pizza will be provided.