2015 Hilos Summer Institute

What to Expect

Adams State University has, historically, been the college of choice for much of the multicultural Latino population seeking degrees in higher education. Tara J. Yosso, at the University of California (2005), addresses community cultural wealth and the background knowledge that Students of Color bring with them into the classroom. Recognizing that this "fund of knowledge" is closely tied to the community in which they have been nurtured, raised and educated is critical to understanding the students who come to Adams State University (Moll, 1992).

With this understanding in mind, daily cultural seminars will focus on the folk traditions of the Upper Río Grande Region of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. These traditions have educated and influenced the largely multicultural Latino population of San Luis over the past seven generations dating back to its settlement in 1851 by 51 families who migrated from Northern New Mexico. Its rich cultural and historical significance is often overlooked; however, its preservation is crucial in building and nurturing the respect, validation and appreciation necessary to increase the self-efficacy, self-worth and pride of our student population.