Budget Information Site

This site is designed to keep the Adams State community updated on the College's budget situation. The site also provides an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to make suggestions about how to address the College's budget problems. This could be ways to reduce costs or ways to increase revenue. Finally, the site will serve as a place for people to get clarification on any rumors they might hear or get the answers to their questions.

The College's Executive Team (President Svaldi, Senior VP Mumper, VP for Finance and Administration Bill Mansheim, Athletic Director Larry Mortenson, and VP for Academic Affairs Frank Novotny) will manage the web site. We will post the latest information on the recent budget rescission from the state and any other relevant budget news. We will also post some of the suggestions from the campus community and answers to questions submitted through the site.

While no decisions have yet been made about how best to address the budget problem, decisions need to be made quickly. Please check back regularly for new information.

Michael Mumper
Senior VP for Enrollment Management

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