ASC details budget reduction


Adams State College President, Dr. David Svaldi, today approved $552,500 in budget reductions for the 2008-09 fiscal year, as required by the Governor's Budget Office.

The reduction will be achieved through the following:

  1. Shifting operating cost of the Graduate School Office to the Extended Studies budget: $203,000
  2. Freezing institutional administrative operating budgets: $188,500
  3. Miscellaneous canceled or frozen positions: $103,000
  4. Grant salary savings reallocation: $58,000

Academic departments will not be impacted by the freezes on operating budgets or hiring, Svaldi noted. Most of these reductions/shifts will continue into the 2009-10 fiscal year budget, Svaldi said.

Because 84% of Adams State's graduate student enrollment is now delivered through Extended Studies, it is logical for that area to assume the graduate budget, explained Provost Michael Mumper.

"Moving the Graduate School from the General Fund to cash reflects the changing character of our graduate student population. The budget adjustment does not imply any changes in the organization or administration of the Graduate School. We are simply paying for this out of a different budget category that does not rely on state funding," Mumper said.

As part of statewide budget rescissions resulting from shortfalls in state revenues, the Department of Higher Education budget was permanently cut by $30 million in the current year. As a result, Adams State must cut 4 percent of this fiscal year's budget. The college's total operating budget is $38 million, with $13 million from state general funds.

By Julie Waechter