Title V

Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions - HSI

Adams State University, a designated Hispanic Serving Institution, qualifies to compete and receive grants funding under the Title V Programs.

The Title V program authorizes the Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program and the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Institutional Development and Undergraduate Education Service administer the program. Visit the Web site for additional information. In particular, visit the Title V Program Statute for legislation about Title V.

Resources for Faculty and Staff

  • Building Student Relations

2 Day Workshop

  • Developmental Math
    • 3 Day Workshop

Ad Hoc Professional Development

Difference Matters

  • 3 Day Workshop

Active Learning & Teaching Workshops

CELT Workshops

Hilo's Summer Institute

  • 4 Day Workshop

CELT Retreat

  • 4 day Retreat

Resources for Students

  • Summer Fast Track

Title V ISES Initiatives

1. Cultivate a high quality, student centered environment to address issue of access, student success, and retention.

Student Success Center Associates:

1st Year Anniversary of the Student Success Center!

2. Provide greater student, faculty and staff access to current and evolving instructional and student support technology.

3. Implement an intensive faculty development program focused on the needs of under-prepared, at-risk, and adult students.