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Support from the Foundation grows more crucial to Adams State each year, as we continually strengthen our commitment to students.

Through the generous support of businesses, individuals, alumni and employees of Adams State, the Foundation has accomplished stable and consistent growth.

Effective Gift Planning is an important element of sound financial management. Your gift decisions will profoundly affect the future of Adams State. Whatever the size or form of your gift, we will work with you to prepare a plan of giving that complements your interests in Adams State.

Dear Adams State Alumni, Donors and Friends,

“What a long, strange trip it’s been.” Those song lyrics hit home when looking back over the past year. It has been a trying time for all, including the students, faculty, and administration at Adams State University, but as a University family we have adapted and, I hope, will come out of this as the best version of ourselves and our University we have ever experienced. It has also been an exciting year, where your support of ASU and the Adams State University Foundation has been overwhelming. For this, we thank you.

As Adams State University moves into a season of celebration of its centennial, please take the opportunity to
visit and reconnect with ASU. There will be numerous events, on and off campus and virtually. President Lovell
and the University administration are working tirelessly to make this celebration a success and bring well-deserved recognition to our University. I encourage you to join in and look back at the accomplishments of the last century while also looking ahead at the promise and opportunity in the next 100 years of Adams State.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, our donors have continued to provide exceptional support for our students. Through your generosity, we saw the Adams State University Foundation endowment increase to a new high point. This allowed for support of the University, the creation of new scholarships, and the perpetuation of other programs, such as the McDaniel work study program.

Laying the foundation for the promise and opportunity of the next 100 years at Adams State depends on your continued financial support. Your generosity is the key to our success and the success of future generations of students that come to our campus and create the larger family that is our Adams State. I ask that you continue your giving tradition or create a giving legacy through an endowment or planned estate gift so that the deserving and capable students at Adams State will be able to receive the education they work so hard to achieve.

I wish you all health and happiness and thank you for your support of the Adams State University Foundation and the positive impact you make on our students.

Kindest regards,
Ron Howard ’98, MBA, JD
President, Adams State University Foundation Board

P.S. If you are interested in learning more about how you can support Adams State University with tax-smart gifts, please contact our Philanthropy Officer, Karen A. Wibrew at 719-587-7165.