Adams State serves a critical need in Colorado, the San Luis Valley and the Nation by providing high quality higher education to a diverse student body both on Campus and through the Extended Studies Program.

The greatest need of the University is for unrestricted dollars. Unrestricted gifts are used to help areas of the University where the need or the opportunity is the greatest.

Adams State has selected several areas of need and opportunity for possible unrestricted gift use. These areas include Scholarships, Leadership Development, Economic Development, and specific programs or initiatives.

Unrestricted Gifts may be used for Scholarships for students who show great academic promise but need some financial assistance in order to pursue their academic career. These scholarships may help students with tuition, fees, books, room and board, or other needs.

Unrestricted gifts could be used for developing leadership potential in both faculty and students. This may include sending students or faculty to a special conference, internship opportunities, release time to work on a special project or support of public service.

Unrestricted gifts give the University flexibility to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities. These opportunities may include: program enhancements, partnerships with the community or businesses, purchases of specialized scientific instruments and computer applications to keep students and faculty up to date with the latest developments, or campus visits by notable scholars.