Cash Gifts

The simplest and most frequently used method of providing outright support through the Foundation is a cash gift – whether currency, personal check, credit card authorization, money order or bank draft. Cash gifts can be sent to the Adams State Foundation, 208 Edgemont Blvd., Alamosa, CO 81101.

Bequest in a Will or Trust

A clause in your will or trust that identifies the Adams State Foundation is a simple way to arrange for a significant gift in support of Adams State University while leaving you in control of your assets during your lifetime. Please contact the Foundation Office at Adams State University for more information, 719-587-7609.

Corporate-College Partnerships

Financial institutions have long understood and fostered a strong partnership with Adams State University. The following institutions have pledged and continually supported the Adams State Foundation. In addition to financial support, each institution employs Adams State graduates, exemplifying commitment to “a greater whole.”

  • Alamosa State Bank
  • Community Banks of Colorado
  • 1st Southwest Bank
  • RG Bank
  • San Luis Valley Federal Bank

Gifts of Life Insurance

Gifts of life insurance can be made with an existing paid-up policy or a new policy. The eventual proceeds of the policy can be designated by you for use within the Foundation.

Gifts of Real Estate

  • Gifts of real estate and tangible personal property are sometimes a desirable way for you to make a significant gift to Adams State.
  • All gifts of real estate are first evaluated by the Foundation for marketability and potential environmental concerns.

Gifts of Securities

Donors sometimes choose to give appreciated assets such as stocks or other securities. This may be the most effective way for you to support Adams State University while preserving your own financial position.

Honorary and Memorial Gifts

  • A gift in memory or in honor of a teacher, student, relative or friend is a generous and thoughtful way to recognize a person’s life and accomplishments.
  • When an honorary or memorial gift is made, the Foundation notifies the honoree or next of kin, and the gift is administered as the contributor specifies.

Matching Gifts

  • More than 800 businesses have matching gift programs offering a corporate gift to match the individual gifts of their employees.
  • This enables their employee donors to multiply the effectiveness of their gift. Your employer may have a matching gift program.
  • Please see your employer’s human resources office for the necessary form to send with your gift.