Goal #1: Cultivate a high quality, student-centered environment for Hispanic and low-income students to address issues of access, student success, and retention.

Student Success Center

The student success center provides resources for undergraduate students on campus including, advising, career services, college readiness, College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP), and the grizzly testing & learning center. The Student Success Center serves as the “one-stop” for Adams State Academic Support Programs. The Title V grant also supports the peer tutoring offered through the grizzly testing & learning center, located on the library’s second floor. The Student Success Center includes ten student computer workstations to facilitate group study. The grant also supports the Developmental Math Initiative which focuses on improving student performances in math.

Student Success Center Associates:

Goal #2: Implement a faculty development program focused on the needs of Hispanic and low-income students.

The second major component to the new Title V grant is expansion of professional development activities for faculty and staff on campus. Faculty development focuses on transitioning from pedagogy – education of children – to andragogy – education of adults. Title V provides workshops and seminars, on best practices on teaching Hispanic, at-risk, and adults students. Student Engagement Grants (SEGs), are offered for specific professional development programs. To further enhance their classroom teaching & learning practices strategies and high-organizational performance.

Workshops and Seminars supported by the Title V grant include such activities as:

  • New Faculty Orientation
  • Inclusive Excellence – Equity Workshops
  • Active Teaching & Learning Seminars
  • Hilos Summer Institute
  • Adams State Equity Retreat

Goal #3: The improvement of Hispanic and low-income student access to technology.

The Title V grant also funds new instructional and assistive technology for faculty and students. Two technology- enhanced classrooms (TEC) are built for each year of the grant. A variety of assistive technology has been acquired to support disabled students.

Mike Nicholson, M.A.
Title V ISES Grant – Project Director
MCD 342

Andrea Benton-Maestas, M.A.
Title V ISES Grant – Activity Director
MCD 341

Anna Torello
Title V ISES Grant – Project Specialist
MCD 346

Jannet Bobadilla
Title V ISES Grant – Project Specialist Assistant
MCD 341