Facts & Persistence Studies on ASU Demographics

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness compiles many published items containing aggregate data concerning Adams State University demographics: its students, staff, and environment.

  • Enrollment Trend Worksheet
  • Persistence by Ethnicity/Gender study
  • Developmental Courses / Remediation Persistence
  • Degrees Granted
  • Count of Majors by Term
  • Enrollment by campus
  • SCH by department
  • Admission yield
  • Matriculation by demographics
  • Place Test scores
  • Diversity
  • Admissions yield
  • SLV high schools

Census Report

The following reports are snapshots of enrollment taken at the time of census (the end of the add/drop period) for institutional reference. In addition to these data, official reporting is available through the IPEDS Use-the-data and CDHE Data & Research websites (see Helpful Links in the right navigation pane).


In addition to the Census Report published each Fall and Spring semester, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness maintains the Board of Trustees Accountability Data Dashboard.