Qualified high school students may be eligible to register for college courses on campus at Adams State.

To be eligible for the concurrent enrollment program, students must be approved by their high school and meet all pre-requisites, including minimum placement testing requirements, for each course they choose to take. Students choosing to take advantage of this program should contact the Office of Extended Studies at 719-587-8144.

Application Requirements for a First-Time HS Concurrent Student

Application Requirements for a Returning HS Concurrent Student

Suggested Guaranteed Transfer Courses (GT)

More information on GT Courses

  • ART 103 (Art Appreciation – GT-AH1)
  • ENG 101 (Communication Arts I – GT-CO1)
  • GOVT 291 (American Government – GT-SS1)
  • HGP 110 (Development of Civilization I – GT-HI1)
  • MATH 104 (Finite Mathematics – GT-MA1)
  • MATH 106 (College Algebra – GT-MA1)
  • MUS 100 (Introduction to Music Literature – GT-AH1)
  • PSYC 101 (Introduction to Psychology – GT-SS3)
  • SOC 201 (The Sociological Imagination – GT-SS3)
  • THTR 180 (Introduction to Theater – GT-AH1)

Class Schedule (on-campus courses)