Educator Professional Development Courses and Workshops

In order to approve a course for credit we will need 4 documents:

1. Resume/Vita, Instructor of Record

2. Master’s level or higher transcript, Instructor of Record

All instructors must have appropriate academic credentials for the course content.  An Ed.D or Ph.D. is preferred, however an M.A. degree and appropriate experience may be acceptable.

Degrees plus additional academic credit in the specialty area must be validated by transcript. (Depending on teaching responsibility, transcripts for co-instructors may be requested.) Transcripts must be official.

3. Syllabus – The syllabus must include:

  1. Course title
  2. Course prefix (generally ED 589 which is designated as graduate teacher in-service)
  3. Course credits (will be assigned by ASU based on contact time)
  4. Course description
  5. Schedule of meeting days/time
  6. Course start date/end date
  7. Learning outcomes
  8. Assessment methods
  9. Grading scale
  10. ADA statement

ASU staff will provide a sample course syllabus upon request.

4. Letter of request on letterhead from supporting agency or school district

ASU staff will provide a sample letter of request upon request.

5. If you are an incorporated 3rd party provider other than a school district or education agency, an MOU will be required.

After all requested materials are received, they will be reviewed by the ASU Extended Studies Quality Assurance Department. This process can take up to 4 weeks. Once approved, the school or district representative is informed.

Instructors for these courses are designated as affiliate instructors and are contracted and compensated solely by the supporting agency, school district or third party provider. Professional development tuition is $55.00 per credit hour (subject to change). Tuition is due at the time of registration.

Upon course and instructor approval, each school/district course coordinator/instructor will be provided with course registration forms or an online registration link. The forms may be duplicated locally if necessary to register students.

The registration forms must be completed by the student as indicated and returned to the ASU Extended Studies Department by the established date(s). Forms turned in after the established date(s) may not be processed in time for the current semester.

For more information contact the Department of Extended Studies at 800-548-6679 or