Adams State is thrilled that we have received funding from the NextFifty Initiative to advance our efforts to educate older adults. This program supports life-long learning and personal development among older San Luis Valley residents.

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  • Free to adults over 50
  • Workshops will be held on Adams State University campus
  • Limited space – register early

NextFifty Workshop Registration

Contact: Savannah Torres at or 719-587-7686


Movement and Cello

Yula Cisneros Montoya and Mark Dudrow
Rex Gym
4/4 & 4/11

Join Yula and Mark for two-day exploration and celebration of music and dance. This workshop encourages all interested movers and music lovers of any proficiency level to participate. The unifying characteristic of all registrants is a great love for music and dance. Let your body move to Bach, Piazzolla, some delicious blues, and more.


Yula Cisneros Montoya has a BFA in Dance and Pilates certification from Cornish College of the Arts and teaches at her private studio in Alamosa. She has over twenty years as a dancer and educator who teaches specialized dance techniques in ballet, modern, African, and Afro-Latino dance aesthetics.
Mark Dudrow has been playing the cello for live audiences for more than five decades. He shares the song of the cello with all kinds of audiences, from festivals to farmers markets, and collaborates with musicians in many genres including Chamber Music, Singer-Songwriter, Balkan and Middle-Eastern, Americana, Tango, Blues, Jazz and Rock and Roll… In addition to live performance, Mark teaches cello, does studio recording sessions and loves to do collaborative projects with dancers, writers and visual artists.

Feel the Rhythm

Deborah Palmer
East Campus Gym
Every Monday 1/22-3/11

Feel The Rhythm is a music therapy class designed to address the strengths and needs of aging adults in the valley, with emphasis on decreasing falls and maintaining independence. Participants do not need any prior musical experience to benefit from music therapy. This
class is highly beneficial for those with movement disorders, including Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington’s Disease, other neurological impairments, and those who are prone to falls. Contact Deborah Palmer with Questions.

Kaleidoscope Jewelry

Robin Wolfe
Art Building 180

Learn how to use polymer clay to make a colorful Kaleidoscope design for earrings or a pendant.

Control Yourself! 

Barbara Kruse
McDaniel 281

Everyone seeks happiness, but did you know that there are happy chemicals which are secreted by the brain during certain behaviors? As social animals we have developed neurotransmitters to help us survive. Sometimes however, these brain chemicals can control our behavior. Your motivation to gossip,or to start a hobby and never finish it are from a basic need for survival. Learning about these neurotransmitters can help you rewire your behaviors and manage your happy chemicals! Based on research by Loretta Bruening, Inner Mammal Institute.

Sweet Tamales

Sandra Ortega
East Campus 102

Learn to Make Cheese and an Indian Milk Cake With It 

Chayan Lahiri
East Campus 102


Cindy Medina
ASU Library – Cooper Room
2/ 5 & 2/12

Participants will learn the mechanics of working with their dreams and how valuable dreaming is. Medina will discuss Jungian psychology terms such as individuation, archetypes, and symbols. However, the emphasis of the class is experiencing the meaning of their dreams.

Tea Towel Alternative Printmaking

Robin Wolfe
Art Building 180

Learn a simple block printing method to create a unique pattern of your own design on a tea towel. Bring simple image ideas with you.

A 3-D Geologic Tour of the SLV

Andrew Valdez
McDaniel 117

Hydration Stations: Essential Oil Drinkables

Oneyda Maestas

Become an essential oil mixologist, by learning to incorporate 100% pure ingestible essential oils of your choosing in a variety of hot and cold beverages for your evening enjoyment; such as, coffee lattes, herbal teas, hot chocolate, non-alcoholic chokecherry/lime ginger beer). Sugar Free options offered.

Essential Oils and the Confectionery Enthusiasts

Oneyda Maestas

In this workshop each person will make delightful confections:
Key Lime Pie custard, which can then be turned into a Key Lime Pie in your own personal kitchens with Lime/Tropical/or Bergamot essential oils
Chocolate Bark (you can add Cinnamon, Cardamom, Madagascar Vanilla, Baking Spice, Orange, or Peppermint essential oil)
White Chocolate Lavender/Coconut Bark (you can add Madagascar Vanilla, Orange, Tropical, or Lavender essential oil)