Student Scholar Days is an annual, multidisciplinary, two-day conference that highlights the academic achievements of undergraduate students at Adams State.

Thursday, April 8th, 2021

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Application Deadline – February 28th, 2021


Below is the link to the application to take part in Student Scholar Days.  In addition to answering each question, you will be required to submit a 150-500 word abstract (See “How to Prepare an Abstract” below on this page). Please do not submit your application without first clearing the submission with your faculty mentor and the department chair of the academic area your presentation will represent.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Leslie Macklin at or Kat Parker at


How to Prepare an Abstract

What is an abstract?

An abstract is a brief (150-500 word) summary of your project, which includes purpose, context, methods, brief conclusion. The goal of an abstract is to entice the reader to come to your presentation/performance or poster and learn more about your work.

How to write an abstract:

  • Briefly describe what is already known
  • Describe the motivation behind your project and how it contributes to what is already known
  • Describe how you approached your project
  • Describe the outcome of your project
  • Write a one or two sentence conclusion on the implications of your work

Application Process

Important Dates

  • November 2020 – General Information Session for Faculty and Staff Mentors
  • Sunday, February 28th, 2021 – Application Deadline
  • Friday, March 5, 2021 – Application Acceptance Announcement via Email
  • TBA March, 2021 – General Information Meeting for Accepted Presentations
  • April 8th, 2021 – Virtual Conference Launch
  • April 23rd, 2021 – Virtual Awards Ceremony

Step One

Each major is asked to select undergraduate student projects (projects can have multiple student authors) that exemplify excellence as defined by that major.

Please make sure your selections are done through consultation with the other faculty members in your major. The selections will need to be made no later than February. The deadline for submission of the project application is on Sunday, February 28th, 2021.

Each selected student project’s authors will have the opportunity to give a 20-minute presentation or create a printed poster. Departments are asked to select a faculty mentor who will assist the students in their preparations for the event.

Presentation structure will be determined by the faculty mentor and the student(s) involved, but each presentation must include some form of oral explanation of the project that is being presented. In Addition, student presenter(s) are expected to participate in a short, post-presentation interview to discuss their experience.

Role of the Mentor

  • Assist the student(s) in preparing the application
  • Assist the student(s) in practicing for the event
  • Guide the student(s) in the specifics of a good presentation
  • Briefly introduce the student(s) at the Student Scholar Days event
  • Encourage other students and faculty to attend the presentation(s) at the Student Scholar Days event

Step Two

For each student project, an application will need to be completed. Click the Application link above.

Step Three

Submitted projects will be reviewed by the Student Scholar Days Committee. If there are any questions about a submitted project and its suitability for the event, the committee will contact the mentor and the author(s) for clarification.

Helpful Links

Archived Presentations


FolioFest is a showcase of ASU undergraduate ePortfolio projects. Participating students display their ePortfolios and discuss their work simultaneously for a public audience of learners, instructors, and administrators. Student presentations are judged by a panel of faculty members and the top four presentations receive awards.

Virtual Presentations

FolioFest Application


Competition Requirements

The following are minimum requirements for an ePortfolio to qualify. Winning eP presentations/submissions will likely have content beyond the minimum.

  • A Home Page: This page introduces the ePortfolio. It might briefly mention who you are, explain why you created the ePortfolio, and highlight some of the key features readers might want to pay special attention to. Note, however, that the information on this page is not about you. It’s about the ePortfolio itself.
  • An About Me Page: This is the page that is about you. Who are you? What should the reader know about you to fully appreciate the ePortfolio? Some like to introduce themselves with a video. We encourage you to do be creative but a picture, or at least an image that represents you in the context of the ePortfolio, along with text, is also acceptable.
  • A Significant Learning Experience: This page features a reflection, along with visual evidence or artifacts, of a significant learning experience(s) that demonstrates your growth and development as a student at Adams. This page should clearly demonstrate the significance the learning experience had on your development to your audience.

Archived Presentations