Program Goal One: Performance

Students will demonstrate the skills requisite for technical proficiency and artistic self-expression in at least one major performance area, both in solo and collaborative settings.

student in recording studio

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Students will demonstrate comprehensive technical and artistic competencies in the major performing area, including the ability to work independently to prepare performances at the highest possible level.
  2. Students will exhibit professionalism and community engagement that will enrich and strengthen their local culture and community.

Program Goal Two: Foundational Knowledge and Skills

Students will develop and apply foundational knowledge and skills in music theory, music history, music technologies, musical and cultural diversity, fundamental proficiency in keyboard skills, and relevant pedagogies and research skills.

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Students will identify, analyze and work conceptually with the elements and organizational patterns of music and their interaction, employing this understanding in aural, verbal, and visual analyses and applications.
  2. Students will be able to distinguish and analyze music according to historical, cultural, and stylistic contexts, and to address culture and history from diverse perspectives.
  3. Students will apply relevant forms of music technology, including their basic functions and integrative nature.
  4. Students will demonstrate a fundamental proficiency in keyboard skills.
  5. Students will demonstrate and apply the research skills necessary for musical and contextual understanding of musical elements and relevance.
  6. Students will demonstrate the conducting and technical skills necessary to effectively and artistically lead a collaborative rehearsal.

Program Goal Three: Career Readiness

Students will demonstrate professional, entry-level competencies in the major area, including significant technical mastery, capability to produce work and solve professional problems independently, and a coherent set of artistic/intellectual goals that are evident in their work.

Learning Outcomes: Music Education
  1. Students will create original or derivative music.
  2. Students will demonstrate and apply the knowledge and performance skills sufficient to teach beginning students on instruments and/or in voice as appropriate to the chosen areas of specialization.
  3. Students will demonstrate and apply knowledge of content, methodologies, philosophies, pedagogies, materials, technologies, and curriculum development in music education.
Learning Outcomes: Music Performance
  1. Students will demonstrate through solo and collaborative performances achievement of professional, entry-level competence in the major performance area.
  2. Students will demonstrate and apply relevant pedagogies and the self-assessment necessary for teaching and continuing education in his or her performance area.
Learning Outcomes: Music Composition
  1. Students will demonstrate the use of basic concepts, tools, techniques, and procedures to develop a composition from concept to finished product.
  2. Students will demonstrate the tools necessary for the realization of compositions from completion to performance.
Learning Outcomes: Music Business and Recording
  1. Students will demonstrate the ability to work on and manage a team in a music industry-related project.
  2. Students will demonstrate a basic knowledge of economics, accounting, business law, management and marketing.