Adams State Office of Assessment

picture of students studying

Welcome to the Adams State University (ASU) Office of Assessment website! The mission of the Office of Assessment is to support institutional-wide efforts to enhance undergraduate and graduate student learning outcomes and continuously improve teaching and learning, and support services. In support of the university mission, the primary responsibilities of the Office of Assessment include:

Provide leadership and oversight in the university's effort to educate and serve its diverse populations.

Serve as a clearinghouse for direct and indirect assessment activities across campus to guarantee better coordination among departments and units.

Provide coordination and support in cultivating and nurturing a campus-wide culture of evidence-based decision making and continuous improvement.

Work collaboratively with various departments and units on campus in designing and determining assessment strategies, as well as overseeing the "closing the loop" process.

Provide information to faculty and staff on strategies for collecting evidence of student learning and assisting with quantitative and qualitative analyses of assessment data to drive institutional decision-making, and to inform institutional planning. 

Serve as a central location for institutional assessment data, academic and non-academic program review, academic-support services review, student course evaluation, and assist in implementing data-driven improvements.

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