The budget web site is your resource for how-to’s, forms and contact information for budget related questions.

Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Calendar

  • August, September 2024 — All Campus Meeting
  • October 31, 2024 — Budget requests due to Budget Office; prioritized by E-team member
  • February 2025 — E-team prioritizes all budget requests
  • March 2025 — State of Colorado Revenue forecast released, Long Bill drafted
  • March 31, 2025 — Staffing changes cutoff to the Budget Office
  • Spring 2025 — All Campus Meeting
  • April, May 2025 — Long Bill Approved
  • April 2025 — Board of Trustees approve tuition rates, COLA
  • May 2025 — Board of Trustees approve budget

Contact Information

Heather Heersink, Chief Financial Officer

Simone Phillips, Budget Director

Angela Yohn, Budget Analyst


Budget Office WorkDay Training Library


Budget Forms

Funding Request Form

The following links are instructional slideshows and pdf files that you can view.

Using Banner for Budget Management

Budget Reports

Budget Process Policy

To request Banner budget query access, contact Patti in computing services Ext 7741. Fill out the form she provides and send to Heather Heersink for approval.

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