Officers of Administration

Board of Trustees

  • Michele Lueck, Chair, Englewood, CO; Appointed 2016; Term expires 2023
  • Pam Bricker, Del Norte, CO; Appointed 2020; Term expires 2024
  • Amanda DeLaRosa, Denver, CO; Appointed 2020; Term expires 2024
  • Jonathan N. Marquez, Denver, CO; Appointed 2021; Term expires 2025
  • Mark Martinez, Alamosa, CO; Appointed 2021; Term expires 2025
  • Jennifer Mueller, Alamosa, CO; Appointed 2021; Term expires 2025
  • Arthur M. Ortegon, Castle Rock, CO; Appointed 2020; Term expires 2024
  • John Singletary, Pueblo, CO; Appointed 2019; Term expires 2022
  • Faculty Trustee: Beth Bonstetter, Ph.D.; Elected 2021; Term expires 2023
  • Student Trustee:

President’s Office

President of the University: David Tandberg, Ph.D.
Executive Assistant to the President/Board of Trustees: Carol Osborn
Director, Title V Programs: Matthew Valverde, Ph.D.
Director, OEO/Title IX: Ana Guevara, JD

Academic Affairs

  • Vice President of Academic Affairs: Kent Buchanan, Ph.D.
  • Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Accreditation Liaison Officer: Margaret Doell, M.F.A.
  • Assistant Vice President for Graduate Studies: (Vacant)
  • Director of Academic Advising: Trevor Turner
  • Library Director: Jeff Bullington
  • Registrar: Belen Maestas


  • Athletic Director: Katelyn Smith
  • Associate Athletic Director/Eligibility/Compliance: Trey Compton
  • Associate Athletic Director/Competitive Rec Sports: Robert Lopez
  • Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Affairs: Max Ruybal
  • Sports Information Director: Eric Flores
  • Business Manager/Senior Woman Administrator (SWA): (Vacant)


  • Chief Financial Officer: Heather Heersink
  • Controller of Sponsored Programs: Jody Mortensen
  • Director of Purchasing: Renee Vigil
  • Director of Student Business Services: Gregory Cook
  • Controller: Lisa Martinez
  • Budget Director: Jennifer Yund

Infrastructure and Resources

  • Executive Director of Infrastructure and Resources & Chief Information Officer: Kevin Daniel
  • Director of Human Resources: Tracy Rogers
  • Director of Facilities: (vacant)
  • Director of Construction Management: Bruce DelTondo

Institutional Advancement

  • Vice President: (Vacant)
  • Alumni Relations Director: Ashley Maestas
  • Director of Public Relations and Marketing: Linda Relyea
  • Executive Director, Foundation: Tammy Lopez
  • Institutional Effectiveness Director: (Vacant)

Student Affairs

  • Vice President for Student Affairs: Henry Robinson, Ph.D.
  • Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs: Diane Brittingham (Interim)
  • Director of Counseling and Career Services: (Vacant)
  • Director of Financial Aid: Heidi Markey
  • Director of Admissions: (Vacant)
  • Director of Co-Curricular Recreation and Engagement: Oneyda Maestas (Interim)

Distinguished Service Recognition

J. Thomas Gilmore
Awarded in 2003

Phil Gore
Director of Extended Studies and Continuing Education
Awarded in 1998

Richard C. Johnson
Director of Purchasing
Awarded in 1999

Rosalie M. Martinez
Associate Vice President of Administration
Awarded in 1999

David C. Montanari
Distance Education Director
Awarded in 2000