Academic SOS

Academic SOS is an early alert system designed to identify students who are having academic difficulties in one or more classes. The Academic SOS team encourages professors to report students for any of the following reasons:

  • Poor Attendance
  • Poor Time Management
  • No purchased course materials
  • Other Financial Concerns
  • Not prepared for class (not bringing textbook, etc…)
  • Failed Exam, Quiz
  • Missing, Incomplete Assignments

Although behavior can affect a student academically, if you feel that it is a primary concern or major change, please reach out to the Persons of Concern team.

How-to Submit a Referral

To submit a referral for one or more of your students:

  • Please sign in to your Faculty Course Access Login.
  • Select the course in which the student is enrolled.
  • Click on the “SOS” link to the right of your student’s name.
  • Please complete the referral form to the best of your ability and click submit.

We will receive this form via email and respond appropriately. If you need to submit additional referrals, you will be able to do so from the roster screen.

Timeline for Referrals

The Academic SOS team works throughout the semester to ensure students are supported in a timely manner. However, there are certain times of the semester that referrals are vital to the success of students. Please see the information below on important referral dates:

  • Weeks 1-3: Please submit students you feel should drop the course due to academic difficulties. (IMPORTANT: if a student has not attended your class at all during this time, please submit their name to for an administrative drop.)
  • Weeks 4-11: Please submit students for all reasons, but also include any that you feel need to withdraw from the course.
  • After week 11: The Academic SOS team will do our best to work with students, but please remember both add/drop and withdraw deadlines have passed.

Our Process

Referral Submitted

Professors refer students for one or more academic concerns.

Referral Assigned

Team members volunteer to handle referrals based on skill set or already established rapport with student and meet weekly with updates.

Student Contacted

Students are contacted after referral is submitted and/or after team has discussed other resources


Professors are updated with information received from the student after contact.

Information for Students

When an Academic SOS is submitted by one of your professors, one or more of our team members will make every attempt to contact you to work through their concerns. There is no reason to avoid this communication or contact. We are here to HELP you, not reprimand you! Please also visit Resources for Students for links to more academic resources that are here to help you be successful!

Contact Us

The Academic SOS team looks forward to working with you!

If you have questions about the system or a referral, please feel free to contact us at