Human Performance & Physical Education

Health and wellness are keys to quality of life!

Prepare to be a leader, practitioner, or manager in the  fitness, health, and sport industries.

Earn advanced degrees in exercise science, coaching, and sport management.

For Undergraduate Students

  • K-12 Physical Education (BA)
  • Exercise Science (BS)
  • Sport Management (BA)

For Graduate Students

  • Applied Sport Psychology (MA - Online)
  • Coaching (MA - Online)
  • Sport Management (MA - online)
  • Exercise Science (MS - campus)

Our programs feature:

  • State-of-the art exercise science and biomechanics labs
  • Collaboration with local K-12 schools, parks & recreation programs, and physical therapy clinics
  • Highly qualified and dedicated faculty focused on student learning
  • Fully online MA degrees

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