These PDF degree maps provide a semester by semester roadmap of when to take each course required to complete your graduation requirements. They show the recommended semester in which to enroll in courses for your specific degree requirements, general education requirements, and even how you should distribute elective credits and upper division credits. Note that occasionally degree requirements change or a program may not be able to offer the course in the semester indicated, or at all. In such instances it is important to talk with an academic advisor about substitutions that will help you stay on track with your degree.

Art Program

Art Requirements

Biology Program

Biology Requirements

Business Administration Program

Business Administration Requirements

Chemistry Program

Chemistry Requirements

Communication & Media Studies

Communication & Media Studies Requirements

Computer Science Program

Computer Science Requirements

Educator Preparation Program

Elementary Education

Secondary Education

K-12 Education

Educator Preparation Requirements

English Program

English Requirements

Geosciences Program

Geosciences Requirements

History | Anthropology | Political Science (HAPS)

HAPS Requirements

Interdisciplinary Studies


Food Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies Requirements

Kinesiology Program

Kinesiology Requirements

Mathematical Sciences Program

Mathematical Sciences Requirements

Mechanical Engineering Program

Music Program

Music Requirements

Nursing Program

Nursing Requirements

Outdoor Education and Stewardship Program

Outdoor Education & Stewardship Requirements

Psychology Program

Psychology Requirements

Social Sciences Program

Sociology Program

Sociology Requirements

Spanish Program

Spanish Requirements

Theatre Program

Theatre Requirements