Food Studies at Adams State University

An Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

Food Studies is an academic exploration of the importance and impact of food on all aspects of human existence: health & wellness, economics, business, environment & sustainability, food production, social & cultural.

Graduates of the Food Studies program will have the skills to change the world by:

  • Understanding world & local food systems to promote equity & social justice
  • Immerse in healthy food production and marketing through internships and hands on practice on campus, and in the community; Ag laboratory
  • Understand the limitations and complexity  of existing business models and will advocate for new economic models in the food industry
  • Promote health and wellness through production and consumption of accessible, quality, fresh, local food
  • Implement sustainable & regenerative practices from soil to fork
  • Promote innovative ways to use agricultural practices to mitigate adverse climate change effects

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

With areas of emphasis in:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Sustainability
  • Business & Food Policy
  • Sociology/Social Justice

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Interdisciplinary Program at Adams State

Food Studies Program Highlight

Community Partners

The Food Studies program fosters connections with local and regional community members and businesses who help ensure that students have access to internships and opportunities relevant to their Food Studies program. These partners help make the Food Studies program a success: Rio Grande Farm ParkSLV Local Foods CoalitionValley Roots Food Hub, Gosar Ranch Natural Foods and Rockey Farms.


Food Studies Program Outcomes

$12 Billion
US local food industry earnings; growing at 14% annually
Increase in Farmer’s Markets, 288% increase in local food hubs
$6 Trillion
Global industry, 10% of the global economy

Job Skills

Organizational Management
Materials Development (Writing, Artistic)
Group Facilitation
Event Planning
Media Communications/Social Media
Small Business Management
Food Safety & Handling; Food Procurement
Grant Writing
Nutrition Education
Menu Planning/Recipe Development


Prepare for careers in a variety of food related careers, or prepare to continue your education in graduate programs or professional schools. Food related careers & skills in:

Food Distribution
Farm Incubation
Local Foods Advocate
Food Policy Lobbyist
Health & Nutrition Educator
Local & state government
Food Safety Specialist
Farm Management & Production
Environmental Education
Ag/Food Economist

Food Pantry

CoRE created a Food Pantry to help meet the needs of students. The food pantry is located in the CoRE Center, on the north end of the Student Union Building.

community garden

Adams Community Garden

Students, faculty and staff work in the campus community garden. The garden is located on north campus, next to the Gingerbread House. Contact CoRE for more information!