English at Adams State University

Master the craft of putting thoughts into words with an English degree from Adams State University. Through a broad study of literature, criticism, and effective writing you’ll develop the critical thinking and communication skills necessary to engage many different audiences.

Choose from many different emphases depending on your interests, including mass communication, creative writing, and secondary education. Practice developing your skills and gain real-world experience by working on the student newspaper or the campus radio station.

Communication is crucial for any profession. Mastering the written and verbal English language and expressing yourself with ease and confidence prepares you for graduate school or an immediate career in business, government, education, public relations, advertising, and a variety of other professional industries.

Bachelor of Arts in English

with areas of emphasis in

  • Creative Writing
  • Literature
  • Secondary Teacher Licensure

Minor in English

Join classmates who love language, literature, creative writing, artistic expression and lively debate.

  • Minor in Creative Writing
  • Minor in English/Communication

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English Program Highlights

Creative Writing

Students learn various techniques of writing poetry, fiction, and other creative prose forms, to develop aesthetic standards, and to elevate their writing and that of their classmates according to their standards. The writing process, includes strategies for invention and revisions, will be emphasized, and ideas for the teaching of creative writing will be presented.

Program Core

Poetry, fiction writing, and creative nonfiction.

English Program Outcomes

Diverse Career Paths

Whether creative or analytical, poetic or detail-oriented, we provide graduates with the knowledge and skills to pursue diverse career paths.

Effective Communication

Effective communication in the 21st century is informed and shaped by the efforts of previous generations of writing. Informed citizens will shape the future of our nation and our world.

Graduate Schools

Many English majors go on to attain a master’s degree or Ph.D., but you don’t have to limit yourself to literature or writing; there are many other graduate programs you can take, such as law, business, or history.


Secondary Teaching in English
Print and Broadcast Journalism
Public Relations
Law School

Adams State north campus

English Program Faculty

Jessica Brown, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English
Michelle Le Blanc
Instructor of English
Lynnea King
Assistant Professor of English