Spanish at Adams State University

Master the language, literature, and culture of Spain and Latin America with a degree in Spanish from Adams State University. As one of the most spoken languages in the world, Spanish is an integral part of the global economy. Whether you work in the commercial or public-sector upon graduation, Spanish-language skills will boost your long-term career prospects.

Along with an engaged and attentive faculty guiding your studies, The San Luis Valley is a rich cultural area to study the Spanish language. Diverse indigenous populations make up the local community, and the area has a deep political and cultural history as a territory of both Spain and Mexico before becoming part of the United States in the mid-19th century. Opportunities to learn directly from your neighbors will support your personal and professional growth.


Bachelor of Arts in Spanish (Liberal Arts Emphasis)
Bachelor of Arts in Spanish (Secondary Teacher Licensure)
Minor in Spanish
Spanish Emphasis for Elementary Education Licensure

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Spanish Program Highlights

Master your language skills and build cultural knowledge. Enhance your career options or become a language professional. Adams State will help you achieve your goals. This excellent academic program will guide you on the right path to a successful career. Our focus on student experience and student outcomes has led us to the highest job placement rates of any institution our size in Colorado and the nation.

Spanish Program Outcomes

Spanish For Business

Business contacts that deal with the Spanish speaking population are more likely to have positive results when the business representative demonstrates a knowledge of the client’s language and culture.

Spanish For Medical Personnel

Medical clinics, hospitals, emergency centers and nursing care units routinely seek out employees who can speak Spanish.

Potential Careers

Translator or Interpreter, News Analyst or Commentator, Public Relations Manager, Foreign Service officer, Elementary or Secondary school teacher, and Adult Education.

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Spanish Program Faculty

Richard Loosbrock, Ph.D.
Department Chair
Eva Rayas
Associate Professor of Spanish
Nick Saenz, Ph.D
Associate Professor of History

Spanish Program Curriculum

Explore Some of Our Courses

SPAN 103: Elementary Spanish I (4 hours)
A study of the principles of pronunciation, basic level conversation, essentials of grammar, written composition, and reading of materials of graded difficulty.

SPAN 204: Reading & Conversation (3 hours)
Readings on cultural topics, discussions, speaking activities, review of some grammatical features, attention to vocabulary building. Emphasis on understanding and speaking Spanish.

SPAN 350: Advanced Grammar & Comp (3 hours)
Intensive course in grammar and in the writing composition of the language. Advanced grammar principles, translation from English to Spanish and other language refinements.

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