Art at Adams State University

The Art Department at Adams State University invites you to come be a part of a multidisciplinary, multicultural, creative community. Our department educates and mentors students to persist in a contemporary career landscape that prioritizes creative thinking and making. Students take a central role in creating our cultural center for multi-sensory, visual arts programming on campus and for Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Our faculty work one-on-one with students to develop and nurture your creative potential, prepare you for a variety of professional paths, and instill a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

Art Student for the Day

The best way to find out if Adams State is right for you is to come and immerse yourself in our program for a day. Be an Art Student for a Day.

Bachelor of Art, Studio Art

This degree offers you the opportunity to explore several different art mediums and discipline areas that will challenge your creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Our program prepares you for a wide variety of creative career tracks which can be complemented by a minor in Theatre or another field.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

If you want to develop a creative practice and prepare for a career as a professional artist, which may include preparation for graduate school, the B.F.A. program is for you.

Special application is required for admission into the B.F.A. program that takes place at the end of your first year in the art program, or after you complete/transfer all of your foundation art courses. A second portfolio review is required toward the end of the program before you can complete your senior B.F.A. capstone exhibition. More details about this process can be found on the B.F.A. Portfolio Review page.

Areas of emphasis

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Form and Extended Media

Bachelor of Art Education K-12

Choose this degree if your goal is to specifically teach art in a K-12 classroom. As an Art Education major, you will spend time developing your personal artistic skills. However, you will also engage in educational theories, explore teaching methods, and participate in field experiences that are all required for teaching certification. Art Ed majors have an advisor in both the Art and Education departments.

Art Minor

The art minor consists of 18 credit hours (6 courses) that can be taken alongside your major requirements during any semester at Adams State. You can choose to take courses in any art discipline or you can take several courses within one studio area. If you are interested in adding an Art minor to your degree you will need an art faculty advisor. Contact the Department Chair for more information.

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Art Program Highlights

Minor in Art

Why you should minor in art…

  • Employers are looking for creative thinkers.
  • Exercise your full brain – if you spend most of your time thinking analytically (left brain), a switch to holistic, hands-on, right brain work can give you a break and then a boost when you switch back.
  • Take some ‘you time’ – give yourself the chance to express yourself and grow in a new way. It won’t be your “easy class” but it will be fun and rewarding!

Art Program Outcomes

Approximately 16 art exhibits per year
Approximately 4 guest lectures per year by professional artists

Traditional jobs such as teaching, graphic design, marketing, foundry work, gallery owners, studio artists, continue to expand. Many main-stream industry leaders seek detail orientated employees with the ability to creatively problem solve and work collaboratively with others – all skills learned here. Explore more careers in art.


Artists who passionately share their skills and techniques to inspire their students.


Graphic Design
Marketing or Advertising
Foundry Work
Gallery Owner

Art Program Faculty

Bill Tite
Assistant Professor of Art
Annaliesa Connor-Meissner
Assistant Professor of Art
Tony Guntren
Assistant Professor of Art
Headshot_MaryWilhelm (1) (1)
Mary Wilhelm
Assistant Professor of Art
Beth Johnston
Beth Johnston
Assistant Professor of Art