Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) Portfolio Reviews

If you intend to join the B.F.A. program you must apply for admission once you complete or transfer a minimum of five foundation courses. One additional portfolio review is required at the end of Junior year before you can enroll in the B.F.A. Senior Exhibition.

Admission Process

The admission application is an online form (link below) that you need to complete during the last three weeks of the spring semester. The application requires you to select an emphasis area, write a 250-word artist statement, and put together a digital portfolio of at least 10 artworks. As part of the Studio 2 course, all students learn how to create a digital portfolio. You will start to develop your artist statement as part of the Art Criticism course. Transfer students should consult their advisor and consider attending the digital portfolio and statement workshops offered and advertised every April.

Art faculty review all of the portfolios on Monday (known on campus as study day) during the spring semester finals week. You will receive a letter at the end of finals week either as an invitation to join the program or to resubmit your work the following spring. Students may resubmit work once. Students who do not pass the B.F.A. admission review continue their studies as part of the Bachelor of Art (B.A.) studio program.

Keys for a Successful Application

  • Speak to an art faculty member about your intention to join the B.F.A. program, preferably the faculty member who oversees the emphasis area you are most interested in joining. Ask them if they would mind reviewing your artist statement.
  • Read the Application Guidelines thoroughly and email your advisor when you have questions.
  • Follow the recommended foundation course degree map. The map is in the application guidelines link below.
  • Find out your GPA. While there is not a GPA requirement to join the program, successful applicants have earned a GPA of at least 2.5 or higher.
Admission Guidelines Admission Application

Junior Review

In the spring of Junior year (approximately 75 completed credit hours for Transfer students) B.F.A. students must pass a final portfolio review before registering for the B.F.A Senior Exhibition year. The Junior review is a live event and evaluated from actual work rather than digital images. Students must also submit an extended artist statement that includes a proposal for their B.F.A Senior Exhibition. All students are strongly encouraged to take Art Theory the fall semester prior to the review. In this course,  you participate in research projects that help to write this statement and proposal.

Keys to A Successful Application

  • It is a good practice to keep thorough documentation of every project you make in all of your classes. Keep your projects organized in a secure place so that they are easily accessible for this review.
  • Stick to the review timeline and be proactive about scheduling meetings with your advisor. Don’t wait for your advisor to reach out to you.
  • Pay close attention to the criteria listed for both the portfolio and the statement. Look over the rubric for the review that faculty use to evaluate your presentation. Grade yourself using this rubric and make sure you meet all the evaluation criteria. The rubric is available to download through the link below.
Important Dates – 2021 Junior Review Application Junior Review Guidelines Review Rubric