Center for Teaching, Innovation, & Research

Empowering Faculty & Staff to Elevate Your Great Story

The Center for Teaching, Innovation, and Research (CTIR) is a collaborative hub for equitable and engaged teaching and learning across Adams State University. We offer programming, consultations, and partnerships for faculty and staff to deliver the Adams Experience through high-impact, socially-just practices.

Calendar of Events 

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For the 2023-2034 academic year, the Center for Teaching, Innovation, and Research offers the following programs, consultations, and partnerships:

  • New Faculty Programs: offers several opportunities to support and mentor new faculty, including new faculty orientation, faculty mentoring program, and new faculty academy 
  • Design Consultations: individualized and collaborative partnerships that support the creation, redesign, or implementation of equitable learning environments
  • Classroom Observations: an opportunity to receive formative feedback on your day-to-day teaching practice through reflective dialogue 
  • Professional Development Workshops: faculty and staff-specific programming, broadly based on professional competencies and areas of growth 
  • Teaching Toolkit: A set of getting-started resources for teaching at Adams State University 

CTIR Mission and Vision

Vision: To have a campus of faculty who demonstrate excellence in classroom practice by implementing high-impact practices and culturally relevant teaching pedagogy.

Mission: Support Adams State University’s value of “excellence in teaching and learning” and Strategic Plan institutional goals by formulating a faculty development office. The mission of this office is a commitment to develop and support outstanding university teachers. An educated and prepared faculty workforce promotes faculty and student retention.