ASU Professional Development for Educators

teacher and student

As dedicated professionals, our purpose is to provide students quality learning opportunities through:

  1. ASU Professional Development (PD) Online
  2. Partner Courses
  3. Contract Courses 

1. Professional Development (PD) Online:

ASU Extended Studies offers high-quality courses using the flexibility of distance delivery. Whether you are looking for a traditional setting or an online course, ASU can support you with your professional development needs wherever and whenever you choose.

PD Online provides a cost-effective, individualized approach to PD with the added convenience of an online format:

2. Courses through our Educational Partners:

Extended Studies has partnered with recognized education leaders to deliver exceptional courses that are content-rich, standards-based, relevant, accessible and stimulating.

Our education partners are experts in the field of professional development offering unique, relevant courses necessary to meet the challenges of today:

3. Contract Courses:

Contract courses are pre-approved courses delivered by approved faculty at locations convenient for students.  If you teach professional development courses for your school district or business and would like to be able to offer ASU credit:

NOTE: Students must possess a baccalaureate degree to enroll in any graduate course (500 number prefix.)