Counselor Education at ASU

Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision:

The Ph.D. program is designed to prepare counselor educators and supervisors to:

conversation between two women

  • Serve as faculty members, researchers and practitioners in academic and clinical settings.
  • Publish and present the results of scholarly inquiry.
  • Contribute to the conversations that inform professional practice by generating new knowledge for the profession through dissertation research focusing on areas relevant to counseling practice, counselor education, and/or supervision.
  • Assume positions of leadership in the counseling profession.

Masters of Arts in Counseling:

The M.A.program is designed to provide the human relations and therapeutic skills necessary to become a professional counselor.  Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling specialties are CACREP Accredited.


M.A. Program Delivery Models

  • Colorado Campuses

Through the M.A. Degree, students will meet four general competencies necessary to develop as mature and professionally competent counselors:

  •  Sound practical therapeutic and relational skills that reflect current practice;
  •  A comprehensive theoretical knowledge base that can be integrated and transferred to effective counseling relationships and techniques;
  •  A strong counselor identity through involvement and participation in professional organizations, advocacy, trainings, workshops, seminars, or other continuing education opportunities; and
  •  A self-aware and self-reflective stance that allows for growth and the personal dispositions necessary to work in the counseling field.