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Welcome to the Adams State University Student Support Services Program – an important part of The Adams Experience.

Student Support Services is a Federal TRiO Program funded by the U.S. Department of Education whose mission is to advance and defend the ideal of equal educational opportunity by helping disadvantaged students overcome economic, social, academic, and cultural barriers to higher education.

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TRIO – Student Support Service

Our goal is to provide students with opportunities for academic development, assistance with basic college requirements, and to motivate students toward the successful completion of their college education. Low-income students who are first-generation college students and students with disabilities are eligible to participate in Student Support Services.

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We welcome any student to contact us to discuss their eligibility, as that is the best way to determine their participation status.

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We welcome you to explore the wide variety of services and program offerings in the list below and see if Student Support Services is right for you.

Services We Offer to Participating Students

Academic Counseling

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We offer a wide variety of Academic Counseling topics to all SSS participants. For example, we focus on the transition from high school to college with freshmen students, with emphasis on developing time management skills and learning strategies; sophomore students may discuss goal setting strategies and motivation; and upperclassmen will focus on researching and applying to graduate schools, as well as career building tools like resumes and interview skills.

Financial Literacy

Trio Students standing in a group outsideStudents should have an understanding of their financial aid and how to budget and manage their college finances. SSS will provide information and assist students in completing federal financial aid program applications, as well as assist in researching and applying to local and private scholarship opportunities.

Students will also receive educational services aimed at improving their overall economic and financial literacy. Among other topics, students will:

  • Know how to create and manage a budget
  • Understand the various loan repayment options available
  • Understand what a credit report is and how to build credit
  • Know how to financially plan for Graduate School

Career Counseling

Each year students may complete career activities which will make them competitive in the job search market by the time they graduate. Students who complete activities will:

  • Research career fields to decide on a career path
  • Create a cover letter & resume
  • Successfully participate in a mock interview for a possible position

Graduate School Preparation

All SSS participants will complete a Graduate School Prep class their junior year. This class will help students:

  • Research graduate schools
  • Know the various requirements for attending & applying to graduate schools
  • Write personal statements
  • Successfully participate in a mock interview process for possible admission

Juniors and seniors will also have the opportunity to participate in a Graduate School site visit. Be sure to speak to your advisor if you are interested in attending.


Student Support Services provides free one-on-one tutoring for all its participants. Students and tutors meet whenever their schedules permit.

Please contact us if you are in need of a tutor.


All freshman Student Support Services participants, plus sophomore students not in good academic standing, will participate in a peer coaching program.

Because we believe that good grades are not the only thing needed for college success, the peer coaching curriculum is designed to proactively mentor participants to strengthen non-cognitive skills including:

  • Academic behaviors and mindsets
  • Improve social skills
  • Increase feelings of self-belonging

Mentor groups will meet frequently throughout the year, attending and participating in a wide variety of cultural, social, and academic programs. As an added benefit, participants who successfully complete the peer coaching, along with general program requirements, may be eligible for an SSS Scholarship.