Presidential Search Email 2-27-22

Dear Adams State Campus Community:

The Adams State University presidential search community concluded its March meeting, February 23, 2023.

Some key points from the meeting:

  • To date, there are 49 completed applications.
  • The applicant pool represents a broad range of demographics.
  • The University’s executive search partner, WittKieffer, is in contact with other potential individual candidates (many of whom have not yet applied).
  • In general, geography/location/community; HSI designation; student success; and affordability resonate with potential candidates. Challenges for potential candidates include timing and family considerations.
  • Search committee members will begin a confidential review of applicants starting March 3.  Initial instructions on processes were conveyed and agreed to by the search committee.
  • Draft interview questions for the first wave of Zoom interviews were reviewed with modifications made, as needed.
  • In keeping with the approved timeline, the search committee will gather March 17 to discuss candidates and select a slate for first-round (Zoom) interviews, which will be held on March 30 & 31. We are holding April 18-21 for finalist on-campus interviews. The committee will then debrief and provide feedback on the finalists April 25. The Board of Trustees will then carefully review all of the feedback collected as they select the next president.

As co-chairs for this important endeavor, we are thrilled with the enthusiasm from a robust applicant pool as well as the passion from campus and stakeholders.

Go Grizzlies!

Jonathan Marquez ’13, Co-Chair

Mark Martinez ’13, Co-Chair