Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Our 100% online accredited program allows you, today's busy professional, the opportunity to maximize your potential without putting life on hold.

Coursework (36 credit hours) can be completed in as little as two-years. Affordable tuition ($420 per credit hour) sets you up for success without setting you back.

Hear from our MBA Graduates:

Donna Wehe

Donna Wehe '12

Hub Coordinator/Patient Access Manager
SLV Health

Donna Wehe has taken her career to a whole new level since earning her MBA. She was hired as the Hub Coordinator for Connect for Health CO, which includes outreach, training and coordination of the Health Coverage Guides for Southern Colorado. She previously taught school, managed a credit union, and directed the SLV Small Business Development Center.

Recently another position opened at SLV Health, so she is also the Patient Access Manager. She is putting her MBA training to work in this challenging and changing environment of health care administration. Even though her emphasis was in Public Administration, she uses her education on a daily basis to look for root causes to why patients' bills are incorrect, to implement process improvement plans, or participate in a staff debrief trying to determine the best protocol.

"Healthcare delivery is changing, and it's exciting to be part of the challenges. I'm so grateful to ASU for the opportunity to gain an MBA while working full time," she said. She likes to be a problem solver, and this is a great fit for her various skills.

The ASU MBA at a Glance:

  • Affordable Online study
  • Small class size
  • Focus on real-world application
  • Accomplished faculty committed to personal interaction
  • Learn alongside peers from diverse backgrounds
  • Modern learning technology and exceptional support
  • Regionally accredited University