Graduate Student

  • This classification denotes a student who has been officially admitted to a graduate degree, licensure, or endorsement program.
  • A student may be admitted conditionally or unconditionally.
  • Graduate students taking at least three (3) credit hours per semester are considered part-time. Graduate students taking six (6) or more credit hours per semester are considered full-time.
  • Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Graduate Non-Degree Seeking

  • This classification is intended primarily for students who desire course credit only and do not wish to pursue a new degree, license, or endorsement.
  • Enrollment in graduate level coursework is on a space available basis and may require departmental approval. Graduate courses in Counselor Education are not available to non-degree seeking students.

It may also apply to students who have applied for admission to a graduate program but have not yet been accepted:

  • A maximum of 12 credit hours may be counted toward the MA degree requirements in the non-degree status. Some graduate programs may restrict to less credits possible.

Graduate Special Students are not eligible for financial aid or student loan deferment.

Graduate Non-Degree Application / Registration Form