When should I talk with a PDSO or DSO?

F-1 students should speak with their DSO if you are planning to do any of the following:
  • Change your major, program, or degree level
  • Change your education level
  • Transfer to a new school or take a leave of absence
  • Take a break from school
  • Travel outside the United States
  • Move to a new address
  • Request a program extension

What if I decide to transfer?

To request a SEVIS transfer to a school other than Adams State when you have been a student at Adams State:

  • Obtain an acceptance letter from the new institution.
  • Provide the name and SEVIS school code for the new institution and include the requested transfer release date.
  • The record will not fully transfer until the transfer release date has passed.
  • Begin classes at the new institution within 5 months of the transfer.  Students who do not begin classes within 5 months must get a new “initial attendance” I-20 from the new institution.

Important reminders regarding choosing a transfer date:

  • After the transfer release date, Adams State will no longer have access to the SEVIS record and cannot make any changes to the record. Any changes to the record must be made by the new institution, including transferring the record to a different school.
  • Students are only eligible to work on-campus at the institution that possesses the SEVIS records.
  • After the transfer date, students participating in post-completion OPT must stop off-campus employment and are only eligible to work at the new school.
  • The SEVIS record must be transferred to the new school within 60 days of completing an Adams State degree program.  After the 60 day grace period, the record is no longer eligible for transfer in SEVIS.

If a student has decided to transfer into Adams State from a different university, the following form must be completed and submitted before any documentation from an Adams State PDSO/DSO can be provided.

SEVIS Transfer Request Form (PDF)

When will I receive my I-20?

An international student will receive the I-20 via FedEx following the formal acceptance to Adams State University, and the completion of the International Enrollment Form. Once acceptance is determined, international students will be required to complete the International Enrollment Form before an I-20 is sent to the student. More information will be emailed directly to the student after acceptance from a PDSO/DSO. If you have questions regarding your I-20, you should direct those questions to: admissions@adams.edu

Can I apply for financial aid?

International students may not apply for US federal or state financial aid, but are eligible for other financial aid and scholarships. Adams State’s Financial Aid Office is the best resource for information on scholarships and financial aid. Since financial aid opportunities are limited for international students, we encourage you to apply for scholarship/grants from private organizations and your home country. International students will receive the Experience Colorado automatic scholarship from Adams State at $5,000 USD for the academic year.