The Mathematics Program offers four degree programs in mathematics and computer science: a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematical sciences, a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics with secondary teacher licensure, and Bachelor of Science degrees in mathematical sciences with emphases in either computer science or physics. Students following the various degree programs may prepare themselves for teaching, positions in private industry or government, or for graduate study in mathematics, computer science, or an allied field.

Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences Department

2020-2021 Degrees

Department Faculty


Christina Miller, Ph.D.


  • Stephen Aldrich, Ph.D.
  • Matt Ikle, Ph.D.
  • Matt Nehring, Ph.D.
  • Tony D. Weathers, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors

  • Meredith Anderson, Ph.D.
  • Abraham Metes, Ph.D. (visiting)


  • Stuart Church
  • Diana Jones
  • Kathy McDermott
  • Tim Mobley
  • Robert Yund
  • Stephanie Yund