With an increase in both undergraduate and graduate students, enrollment is up at Adams State University for the fall 2023 semester.

According to Lee Allard, Ph.D., senior university researcher, on-campus undergraduate enrollment is up 6.44 percent from last year; and up 401 credit hours.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Margaret Doell credits the growth in undergraduate enrollment as a reflection of the hard work from the admissions team. “This increase demonstrates the passion and energy of all our faculty and staff, and recognizes Adams State offers high quality programs. ‘Great Stories Begin Here’ because of our commitment to helping students from all backgrounds find their place and succeed academically, personally and professionally. I am so proud of our faculty and staff for making Adams State a community that welcomes and celebrates our students.”

Total graduate enrollment is up 9.39 percent over last year; and up 11.64 percent credit hours.

“We also need to celebrate ongoing growth in graduate enrollment and acknowledge the efforts of our graduate faculty and staff in serving the needs of our graduate students from across the nation,” Doell added. “Their great story begins here, too.”

Total undergraduate enrollment, including online and correspondence students, saw an unprecedented increase over last year.

President David Tandberg, Ph.D., appreciates the work of all faculty and staff from across the University. “Exciting things are happening at Adams State. We are a University on the move and we are thrilled to see the San Luis Valley, the surrounding communities, and students from all over recognize the value we bring and trust us to help launch their Great Story. We have a lot to be proud of and much to look forward to.”