The Year of Adams State University is 2021. Excitement continues to build as local sponsors join the celebration of the University’s 100-year anniversary. The latest is the current Alamosa County Commission, when Darius Allen, Helen Sigmond, and Michael Yohn recently committed $30,000 to support Adams100 activities and events.

“Adams State brings such assets to our community,” says Chairman Yohn. “From first rate education, to the arts, and the vibrancy of those attending, we are proud to be a sponsor and celebrate the 100-anniversary of this first-rate institution.”

Alamosa County will be recognized as a Harriet Dalzell Hester sponsor on future Adams100 publications.

“We are fortunate to be nestled in the close-knit community of Alamosa County,” President Cheryl D. Lovell said. “There is a rich and generous history of support from our local commissioners and throughout the San Luis Valley.”

The symbiotic relationship between Adams State and Alamosa County grows only stronger through the decades. Over the last five years, Alamosa County has donated $60,000 to Adams State Athletics for various improvement to athletic fields and $20,857 for COSI-matching grant scholarships. Adams State has educated hundreds of local leaders in education, agriculture, business, health, and public offices.

The dynamic history between the county and college reaches back to 1921, when the Colorado legislature passed the bill establishing Adams State Normal School. As a state representative, William “Billy” Adams introduced the bill and early in his political career was mayor of Alamosa.

The Adams State campus community looks forward to celebrating Adams100 activities with all Alamosa County employees throughout 2021, beginning with the virtual Adams State Gives Day on February 15 – the birthdate of Billy Adams.