Free tuition and fees at Adams State University – with the Adams Promise Scholarship eligible students can now attend college for no tuition and fees cost.

The Adams Promise Scholarship provides the opportunity to have tuition and fees waived. Eligibility includes first-time incoming freshmen and transfer students who are enrolled full-time on campus at Adams State; who are considered dependents on their parental income tax return; whose parental’s adjusted gross income is $70,000 or less; and students from a county south of Denver, including the San Luis Valley.

The Adams Promise Scholarship will be automatically awarded to qualified students who meet the criteria for each academic year.

“Adams State administration has pledged real support to students who qualify, in the form of the Adams Promise Scholarship,” said President David Tandberg, Ph.D. “Adams State continues to recognize and honor the deep roots of this University and its mission to serve the students who most need our support. The Adams Promise Scholarship is part of that commitment.”

First steps for eligibility include completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and applying for admission to Adams State. Application to Adams State is now free.

Adams State financial aid and admissions staff members are available to help with completing the FAFSA and applying to Adams State. Visit the Adams Promise for more information; call 719-587-7306 or email