Eating junk food, discussing conspiracy theories, and listening to music bonded three Adams State University business capstone students, which resulted in their team tying for the Business Strategy Game (BSG) 10th best score worldwide.

The team of Evan-Emian Elijah-Emmanuel Bell, Aurora and Alamosa, Colo.; Isaiah Coffey, Alamosa; and Wes DeVaul, Aurora and Alamosa, Colo.; earned the highest ranking since the School of Business implemented BSG in the Global Business Strategies course, taught by Will Reed, Ed.D., assistant professor of business.

Throughout the class and working on the business simulation game model, Bell gained invaluable insights. “One key takeaway has been the importance of corporate reports in understanding a company’s financial health, strategic direction, and overall performance.” These reports offer a comprehensive view of business operations, guide decision-making and foster transparency in corporate practices.

Evan Emian Bell, Isaiah Coffey, Dr. Will Reed, Wes DeVaul
Evan Emian Bell, Isaiah Coffey, Dr. Will Reed, Wes DeVaul

The three students formed a simulated corporation, DWISE Athletic Footware, earning a Global Top 100 ranking on overall game-to-date score, 109.5, tied for 10th place; earnings per share (48th) and stock price (49th) for their company’s Business Strategy Game (BSG) performance the week of May 8, 2023.

DeVaul believes teams that collaborate enjoy the most success in the game and in their careers. “I believe that, like the BSG, your career is what you make of it. You can certainly give a modicum of effort and be successful in life; however, if you are willing to go further in something that you care about and what matters to you, the results can be surprising.”

All three students started out with very different ideas and perspectives. As the game progressed, the team created common goals and obtained the same desired outcomes before even consulting one another. “This experience taught me how to listen and take into account all different creative ideas,” said Coffey. “Working as one and helping each other overcome blocks in our thought processes, and pitching ideas the rest hadn’t thought of, demonstrated exactly how successful group effort is intended to work.”

The class brings together all the lessons and skills learned from previous courses and provides a simulated experience that aligns with all aspects of managing a real-world company. “This accomplishment is the first of its kind for Adams State and I am very honored to have been their professor this semester,” Dr. Reed said. “I hope each student departs Global Business Strategies with key takeaways that will equip each of them with tools to elevate their successes going forward.”

DeVaul expects to finish his business marketing major and graduate in the fall of 2023. He currently works full-time in the Adams State Foundation and Alumni Office as the manager of operations and annual giving. “If you are with a group you genuinely care about, motivation to do good work will come, and you will enjoy the experience a whole lot more. I will truly miss those sessions together.”

The experience equipped Bell with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of the business world. “I started implementing these lessons in my own venture, Alamosa Car Rentals, which I established in 2020. The understanding of corporate reports and commitment to corporate responsibility have greatly influenced the way I manage and grow my business.”

Bell also developed a deeper appreciation for corporate responsibility, recognizing the vital role businesses play in addressing social, environmental, and ethical issues in society.

“The course, BUS 480, is one of the very best values here at Adams State,” Reed said. “As such, this acheivement is merely a small sample of the many accomplishments our students can produce here at Adams State. Having achieved the tenth best score worldwide sets the benchmark for others to follow in the fall semester.”

BSG, marketed by McGraw-Hill Education, Inc., is designed to give students in higher education, throughout the world, the opportunity to compete in a global marketplace through a simulated environment. Each week represents a year. Every Monday, BSG compiled lists of the prior week’s best-performing companies worldwide based on four measures: Overall Score (current year), Earnings Per Share, Return on Average Equity, and Stock Price.

“The best part of the collaboration went beyond the business or academic side of things,” Coffey said. “Working with my group allowed me to create new friends. We went out to eat together, had get-togethers, and shared countless ideas that were outside of the scope of a global business class.”

DeVaul was a little anxious about the team before the project started. “Fortunately, with this group, Evan and Isiah immediately dove into the project and it was a relief to be among peers who were ready to put forth the same level of effort that I am used to. As a non-traditional student who has worked in many different industries, the concepts in the BSG were familiar and maybe that gave us a bit of an edge over other teams.”

“I am grateful for the unique experiences and the wealth of knowledge I gained from this class and the business simulation game model,” Bell added. “My heartfelt thanks to BSG team DWISE and Professor Reed for making this journey an unforgettable one. I am excited to carry forward this newfound wisdom and cherish the friendships we have built along the way.”

Final Standings for Week of May 8, 2023

  1. University of Seoul
  2. University of Nebraska Lincoln
  3. Coppin State University
  4. Mercyhurst University
  5. Griffith University
  6. California State University – Northridge
  7. National University of Mongolia
  8. Lagrange College
  9. Southern Oregon University
  10. Northern Illinois University, Central Washington University, Tilburg University, George Mason University, South University, and Adams State University in a tie 10th globally in overall performance.