David Tandberg
Interim President David Tandberg, Ph.D.

Adams State University will host the San Luis Valley Educator Workforce Development Forum on March 31. The forum will provide an opportunity for all 14 school districts within the San Luis Valley to collaborate with Adams State on filling much-needed teaching positions and curb the onset of long-term teacher shortages.

“Adams State is fully aware of the need for more teachers in the Valley,” noted Interim President David Tandberg, Ph.D. “We are the primary driver of workforce development in the San Luis Valley. It’s not lost on me or the Adams State team that 73 percent of all educators and administrators in the Valley are Adams State graduates; the solution lies squarely at our feet and we’re determined to work with our school district colleagues on solving a high-profile issue.”

Curtis Garcia
School of Education Director Curtis Garcia, Ph.D.

Spearheaded by Adams State School of Education Director Curtis Garcia, Ph.D., the forum will invite superintendents and other key district representatives with roles in the recruitment, hiring, and professional development of educators. “Adams State wants to provide a long-term roadmap for success with each partner school district. Our founding as a teachers’ college and its continued importance drives us to succeed.”

For more information contact Nick Saenz, Ph.D., professor of history and special assistant to the president, at cnsaenz@adams.edu.