Sandra Gavin, Ph.D., assistant professor and specialty coordinator of counselor education, was elected on a national board called Society for Sexual, Affectional, Intersex, and Gender Expansive Identities (SAIGE) as the Trustee of Membership and will start July 1.

Cheri Meder, Ph.D., professor and director School of Counselor Education, will finish the last year of her five-year appointment on the CACREP Board on July 1, 2023. “It has been a wild and fun ride, and I will surely miss it. I have established excellent relationships and friendships and have been part of chairing a committee for the last two years helping assist with digital delivery and making recommendations for our new standards set to release this year.”
Last year Dr. Meder was nominated for the executive council and declined the nomination. This year she accepted the nomination and was elected the Vice-Chair of the CACREP Board. “I will finish the last year of my term in this position and am super grateful to serve the profession in this capacity.” For more information visit New CACREP Board Members.

Frank Novotny, Emily Novotny, Mt. Taylor Doubler
Frank Novotny and Emily Novotny

Frank Novotny, Ph.D., professor of chemistry, and daughter, Emily, earned the honor to wear Mt. Taylor Doubler Scarfs. Frank and Emily completed the Mt. Taylor 50K in September, 2022; and the Mt. Taylor Winter Quad, including biking, running, skiing, and snowshoeing to the top of Mt. Taylor, in February, 2023.

Nick Saenz, Ph.D., professor of history and special assistant to the president; and Regis University Vice Provost Nicki Gonzales, Ph.D., were interviewed on “Colorado Matters” discussing the 175th anniversary of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and its arrival in Denver.

Colleen Schaffner, Ph.D., director School of Humanities and Social Sciences and Department of Psychology chair, and Rena Kirkland, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology, $26,840.00 from the Duncan Charitable Trust, for the “Movement for the Mind and Mindfulness Practice for San Luis Valley Youth” project.

Matthew Schildt, Ph.D., professor of music and director Master of Arts in music education, will have his composition “Finding, Believing,” for vibraphone performed by former colleague James Doyle, D.M.A., at the Society of Composers Conference at the University of Puget Sound on February 24.

Lindsey Wente, M.F.A., adjunct professor of English and manager Grizzly Testing and Learning Center, is a dedicated writer and teaches first-year writing. She published an essay, “My Kwik Trip Gas Station Has Always Been There for Me,” with the literary community Catapult.

Brian Zuleger, Ph.D., professor of sport psychology and chair Applied Sport Psychology Graduate Program, was a lead clinician at the Wisconsin Track and Field Coaches Association Annual Clinic February 2-4 in Madison, Wisc. He led four clinic sessions on sport psychology topics. The clinic had over 1,100 coaches in attendance.
Brian was also a guest on the Wisconsin Public Radio “The Morning Show” on February 7.