Article by Eric R. Flores
ASU Sports Information Director

Grizzly Club Individual Members of the Year
Fred St. Cyr, Jr. and Leroy A. Espinoza

Although neither Cyr or Espinoza graduated from Adams State, not many Adams State athletic events go by without seeing these two sitting in the special Grizzly Club member designated seats cheering on the Grizzlies.

The two started attending games in 1998, and since then, for about 23 years, they have been Grizzly Club Members.

“We are believers in supporting our local athletics,” said Espinoza when asked why he loved Adams State Athletics. “We just love sports in general; anything Adams State University has to offer, we will be there to support them.”

Fred St. Cyr, Jr. Katelyn Smith, and Leroy A. Espinoza
Fred St. Cyr, Jr., Athletic Director Katelyn Smith, and Leroy A. Espinoza

What makes these two unique is not the fact that they are the loudest. The two share something in common that not many other fans that attend Adams State every week can claim, they are both deaf. Their cheers aren’t the loudest, but anyone who has been to several Grizzly events can tell their cheers from anywhere.

They note that all Grizzly events stick with them.

“To see the love and hard work our players put into sports, both boys and girls,” Espinoza noted. “All the players are friendly, and we just love going to events there, always.”

Of the 21 sports that Adams State has to offer, Cyr and Espinoza have their favorite sports.

“Basketball, volleyball, football, softball, and baseball,” Espinoza explained, “because they are awesome to watch, especially when they ‘win.’”

Even though they have been to thousands of Grizzly sporting events over the past 23 years, they plan to keep attending games as long as possible.

“Just know we will continue to support ASU as long as we can,” said Espinoza. “We want everyone to know we have always felt welcome, and we want to thank you all for being part of our lives’ greatest sports pleasures.”

Alamosa Building Supply
Grizzly Club Corporate Partner of the Year

Alamosa Building Supply has been a Grizzly Club member since 2010 but has a long-standing tradition of helping Alamosa and the San Luis Valley. According to Hoyt Anderson, one of the four partners in the business, Alamosa Building Supply, was opened in 2008, and then La Jara Building Supply was acquired in 2009.

Anderson, who graduated from Adams State in 1997, shares ownership with his brother Jared (’99) and Greg (’02) also noted that because of the success of Adams State, its athletic and academic programs, they have success.

“We have a great rapport with the coaches in the athletic program, and that has led to one of greatest success stories,” noted Anderson. “My yard foreman is Daniel Kelly; he was a wrestler from out of state. Jason Ramstetter sent him over, and he worked part-time for me as a student and wrestler. He really blossomed, and he is now my foreman and is now in a management position.”

Being a Grizzly Club member for the past ten years is something Anderson is very passionate about as he drew the connections between Adams State and the success of the Valley.

“Adams State is a real key to the success of the San Luis Valley,” noted Anderson of the connection between Adams State and the community. “Between Adams State, the hospital, and farming, I think those are the integral factors. Adams State gave a lot to me, and we want to pay it forward and give back to Adams State.”

Alamosa Building Supply has been an integral part of the growth that Adams State as a campus has seen.

Katelyn Smith and Hoyt Anderson
Katelyn Smith and Hoyt Anderson

“We’ve worked with a lot of the general contractors to supply some of the different components for McDaniel Hall,” said Anderson. “We also did a lot with the restoration of Richardson Hall and with the building of Rex Stadium. So we have done a lot over the years and continue to do so to this day.”

Anderson is a very avid fan of the Grizzlies and notes that he will make sure to stay until the end of the game, no matter what the score is. He recalled several favorite moments in recent history, including a buzzer-beater in basketball a couple of years ago; however, his favorite was Adams State football’s biggest comeback against rival Western Colorado.

“When we were down to Western by 35 at the half, everyone seemed to write them off and left early. However, I stayed,” said Anderson. “It kind of reminded me of the Browns in a certain game against the Broncos. One of the linemen noted how they had 90 yards to go, and he said, ‘We have them right where we needed them.'”

In that game, Adams State was down 42-6 in the first half’s closing seconds, but they erupted for 36 unanswered points and forced overtime before winning the game in double overtime, 52-51.

“One of my buddies left, and he kept hearing the canon go off,” explained Hoyt. “He thought there was a mechanical malfunction. I explained how no there was not and that it was too bad he left.”

Alamosa Building Supply will continue to be Grizzly Club members for years to come to try and support Adams State.

“I think we’re a community and if we don’t take care of each other, nobody else will,” Anderson concluded. “It’s all our fiscal responsibility to take care of everybody here and in the Valley. Adams State is doing a wonderful thing for the economy and for jobs.”