Happy Thanksgiving!

The timing of this edition coincides with our annual celebration of Thanksgiving. What a wonderful time to take stock of the positive impacts of Adams State University as shared by many in our Adams100 Documentary which expresses, through several voices, what makes me most thankful.

Priscila Zapata-Chavez and Adams State President Lovell
President Cheryl D. Lovell congratulates the 2021 Spud Bowl Queen Priscila Zapata-Chavez.

In this video you will see why I am so thankful for generations of alumni whose great stories began here and remind us all of the importance of Adams State. Alumni including Russell Achatz, Diane Arias, Marisol Cristobal-Lucas, Chuck Owsley, and Arnold Salazar stress the importance of attending a local, affordable college.

Past president Dr. J. Thomas Gilmore talks about the influence Adams State has on the community. I give thanks to our communities we serve and for their recognition of our contributions and in turn their contributions to us which support Adams State on many levels.

Several faculty expressed continued commitment to current students and voiced their pride in transforming lives. I am thankful for all of our Adams State faculty and staff who make the San Luis Valley their home and provide our students the chance to break the cycle of poverty through a college degree.

I am thankful for Adams State’s designation as an HSI and for our commitment to serve and support ALL students. Dr. Nick Saenz and recent graduate Edith Arias put into words their beliefs regarding the importance of Adams State’s status as a Hispanic Serving Institution. As a federally designated HSI, Adams State can apply for competitive grants to improve the learning experiences for ALL students. Interesting to note, the last five years have seen a dramatic increase of HSIs across the state and nation, as more universities capitalize on the status we have always held as a matter central to our mission.

Current, Donna Griego, and former, Cleave Simpson, Board of Trustee members outline their ideas about the future path of Adams State as we continue to deliver degrees that matter. I am thankful for all of the trustees, foundation, and alumni board members who bring a vast expanse of knowledge and experiences to ensure the institution’s viability into the next 100 years.

The horn of plenty fills more dreams and goals through education than any other avenue. I raise my glass to the many aspects providing a solid academic foundation for our students, a toast to the vision establishing Adams State, a cheer for the strategic and ambitious future we have proposed, and I humbly bow my head in thanks for the privilege to lead this institution.