Bishal Bhattarai’s, Ph.D., assistant professor of engineering, paper, “The Role of Riverine Bed Roughness, Egg Pocket Location, and Egg Pocket Permeability on Salmonid Redd-Induced Hyporheic Flows” was published in Water Resources Research.

An article, cowritten by Carol A. Cotter, Ph.D., counselor education clinical faculty; Melissa K. O’Neill, Ph.D., counselor education clinical faculty; Madeleine N. Stevens, Ph.D., assistant professor of counselor education; Penny G. Sanders, counselor education clinical faculty; and Janessa Henninger, Ph.D., assistant professor of counselor education; “Counseling With Male Clients: The Case for Relational Resilience Approach,” was published May 2023, in the American Journal of Men’s Health Sage Publication.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Margaret Doell, M.F.A., attended the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) in Washington, D.C., from October 24-26. The AASCU selected 22 outstanding higher education leaders to participate in its 2023 Academy for New Provosts (ANP), a leadership development program designed for specific needs of new provosts at state colleges and universities. The program, which is in its fourth year, gives cohort members the opportunity to connect with their peers as they learn strategies for tackling the distinctive challenges they will face in their role. The group will also participate in monthly virtual learning and networking sessions. ANP is made possible in part by generous support from AASCU strategic partner Ad Astra.

Curtis Garcia, Ph.D., School of Education director, joined President David Tandberg, Ph.D., in a presentation to the Colorado State Board of Education during their special meeting in Alamosa on October 11. The presentation focused on the efforts of the School of Education to launch and sustain a “grow your own” teacher program in the San Luis Valley through collaboration with the 14 school districts of the SLV. The board lauded the efforts of Dr. Garcia and the School of Education with Commissioner of Education Susana Cordova praising Adams State’s “huge impact on the educator workforce in their community.”

William Lipke, D.M.A., presented a workshop “Selected Appealing Repertoire at the Intermediate Level,” for the Southern Colorado Music Teachers Association in October.

Brooke Miller, D.M.A., assistant professor of woodwinds and music education, recently presented “Effective Practice for Yourself and Your Students,” to Arkansas State University students via Zoom on September 28.

Jenna Neilsen, professor of theatre, is now a consent forward artist, certified by Intimacy Directors and Coordinators.

Mathew Sharples, Ph.D., assistant professor of biology, published a paper with an international team in September on conservation status of the endemic vascular plants of the Altai Mountains of Southern Siberia.
Adams State hosted the annual Colorado Native Plant Society Conference the weekend of September 22-24. Dr. Sharples, a keynote speaker, presented, “Flora of the San Luis Valley.” He led a tour of the Adams State greenhouse (living collection) and herbarium (dried/preserved collection) for a group of seven from the conference. Further interest in the botany of the Valley was sparked as a result. Dr. Sharples anticipates many new and varied users of the herbarium in the future.

School of Counselor Education

Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (National) Conference in Denver, on October 13


Courtney Allen, Ph.D., professor of counselor education; and Laura Bruneau, Ph.D., School of Counselor Education assistant director Ph.D. program; presented “Cultivating the craft of doctoral level writing through an equity lens;”
Becky Meidinger, Ph.D., assistant professor of counselor education; and Madeleine Stevens, Ph.D., assistant professor of counselor education; presented an education session, “From Surviving to Thriving: Supporting Emergency Licensed School Counselors;”
Dr. Meidinger, Neil Rigsbee, Ph.D., professor of counselor education; Dr. Allen, and Sandra Gavin, Ph.D., assistant professor of counselor education; with second-year doctorate students Nancy Lee, Kari Slater, and Callie Wheeler presented an education session, “Engaging Great Minds: A Model for Online Doctoral Mentorship;”

Second-year doctorate students:

Leanne Campbell and Cheryl McGee, roundtable presentation: “The Evolution of School-Based Mental Health – Implications for Counselor Educators;”
Leanne Campbell and Kari Slater, poster presentation: “School Counselor Burnout in Leader In Me (LIM ®) and Non-Leader in Me Schools;”

Third-year doctorate students:

Krissy Moses, poster presentation: “CES Doctoral Comprehensive Exams: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis,” supported by Bentley Eskridge and Bibi Roberts, in research and preparation;
Elizabeth Lembo, poster presentation: “Student Preparedness for Group Facilitation: A Group Counseling Course Case Study,” supported by Kimberly Payne and Mary Cole in research and preparation.

Colorado School Counselors Association Conference in Loveland, Colo.

Dr. Gavin, Dr. Meidinger, Dr. Rigsbee, Colleen Stabolepszy, Ph.D., counselor education clinical faculty; and Dr. Allen presented an educational session “Affirmative Practices with LGBTQIA+ Youth;”
Dr. Meidinger and Renee Cawley presented an educational session “RAMP: Planning, Process, and Preparation.”