The Adams State University Food Studies program just got a little tastier thanks to the Outcalt Foundation $125,000 Grant to build an industrial kitchen in the East Campus Building.

Along with students, the community will also have limited access to the kitchen. 

“There is a great need for a facility such as this for community use and education as well,” say Outcalt Foundation Trustees Karla L. Shriver and Carolyn M. Kawanabe.

The Food Studies program at Adams State is an interdisciplinary degree which provides students with a wide range of skills and knowledge necessary for success in food-related careers. Two lab courses in kitchen food preparation and gardening set Adams State apart from other schools offering the same degree. 

The food studies program first delivered classes in the spring of 2020. The grant money will be used to renovate the East Campus kitchen, with new equipment as well as outfit a Food Studies classroom. Students will learn basic food preparation skills, using food grown in the campus garden, and the kitchen will enable students to make full meals as well. 

Nicole Kasper, a Food Studies instructor, said the grant is a huge benefit to the program. 

“Through it we’re going to be able to build the facilities needed to teach our students real hands-on state food handling skills, food preparation, cooking and preservation. This kitchen allows the food studies program to stand out from other food related academic programs.” 

From its inception, the Adams State Food Studies program was developed in collaboration with a community advisory board. One of the goals of the program is to work with the local community in delivering programs, both to degree-seeking students and to the greater community.

The kitchen renovation completion will be finished in time for the start of fall 2020 classes.