Adams State University Assistant Professor of Music Matthew Valverde, D.M.A., was recognized for his outstanding work in education by the JV Educational Consultants. A committee on behalf of the organization receives endorsement about outstanding faculty, staff, and administrators from all over the country and Valverde will be honored with the JV Educational Leadership Award for providing outstanding leadership within the field of higher education.

“I was surprised and humbled for this recognition,” Valverde said. He called his father in Texas first after learning of the award. “My father was an attorney in Texas who was involved in equity cases. I was very proud to share with him.”

Valverde recognizes each student brings their own unique experiences with them into the classroom and individual vocal lessons. He encourages his students to go beyond just learning the musical notes and words by building a sense of ownership in their assigned music. “I believe in giving them the space and process to work through their own joys and struggles.”

He works with a diverse student population and examines everything through the lens of equity. “It helps make me a better teacher to think critically about how I teach.” Valverde also serves as the Inclusive Excellence Liaison and is chair of the President’s Advisory Group on Equity.

Valverde continues to perform nationally. He was recently in the second production of the new chamber opera Tienda Moya/Vicente in Minneapolis and sang in Detroit with EXIGENCE, a Sphinx Vocal Ensemble highlighting artistry within Black and Latinx communities.

JV Educational receives secret nominations that focus on educational and enthusiastic technique, contribution to student retention, dedication to a professor’s discipline through scholarly advancements, and more. “Matthew exemplifies excellence in education,” said Dawn Beckford, JV Educational Consultants.

Valverde will receive his honor at the 18th Annual International Males of Color Empowerment and Retention Conference in October, 2020.

According to the website, JVEC offers a variety of consultation services to associations, colleges (schools), communities, foundations, higher educational institutions, nonprofits, nations and international collaborations to successfully implement and sustain strategies that lead to constructive student/faculty development, effective student and teacher leadership in education.

JVEC has over 100 years of combined experience in creating and revising educational programs for educational administrators, leaders, parents, students, and teachers.