Fall New Student Orientation 2020

August 21 – 23

new students at orientation leaving their mark with paint handprintsJoin us for New Student Orientation (NSO) as we roll out the green carpet to welcome the newest members of the Grizzly family! NSO is an exciting and important event for all new students.

NSO will be required and mandatory for all first time, new students. Please make sure you register below to start your journey!

Three-day Orientation

The three-day orientation will provide an introduction to the intellectual and social environment at Adams, as well as the resources available not only on campus but in the community as well. One of the primary goals of Orientation is to help students navigate the university environment and meet fellow incoming students to create lasting connections. We are excited to welcome all new students, transfers, the Adams State Class of 2024.

To help better understand the importance of attending, NSO is designed to meet the following outcomes:

  • Familiarize students with University standards and principles of our academic community
  • Help students navigate the campus and identify available resources
  • Present tips and critical information that will make students’ first days at Adams, and their transition to campus life goes smoothly
  • Introduce students to advisors and resources critical to personal and academic success
  • Provide the opportunity to meet other new and continuing students, many of who may become part of a network of support
  • Acquaint students with Adams’ traditions within the context of University history
  • Provide students with the opportunity to meet peers within their First-Year Seminar class, orientation groups, and through various NSO activities
  • Share a portrait of the incoming class in all its diversity and richness as new students are welcomed into the vibrant Adams community

Health and Safety

The Adams State Team wants to ensure the health and safety for those attending. If you are on campus for any reason, please note that masks are required at all times and abiding by social distancing rules and regulations. Adams State will do its part to avoid any unintended spread of COVID-19. Visit our COVID-19 page to learn more.


Have immediate questions about New Student Orientation? Contact the NSO Team or take a look at the Orientation FAQs page.