Adams State has long been a key contributor to the San Luis Valley and its public good. Adams State’s mission, “To educate, serve and inspire our diverse populations in pursuit of their lifelong dreams and ambitions,” guides Adams State in seeking creative pathways that enhance the university experience for its students while strengthening community.

Why Civic Engagement

A Civically engaged person cares about their community and its well-being. They seek, both politically and non-politically, to develop the skills, knowledge, values and motivations that will make a positive difference in community quality of life, and then put these into action.

Our Mission

To promote a society of trust, respect and civility through mutually satisfying campus and community relationships that engage the strengths and contributions of all its members.


Civic Life

You can make a difference! Students are often the agents of change within society. Students concerned with national and community affairs become active, influential and responsible participants in society. Being involved and working with others for the community as a whole, moves us beyond our own personal interests. We get to know community issues and are inspired to join in seeking solutions.

Many people have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.

Helen Keller


  • Meet community leaders
  • Make new friends
  • Network
  • Explore interests
  • Gain experience for future careers
  • Assist local agencies in fulfilling their mission
  • Personal satisfaction for making a difference!

I absolutely loved it! It was a great way to learn more about what's around you, especially if you are an incoming freshman.

Alexandra Garcia

My Adams State cares experience at Penitente Canyon really helped me feel like more of a part of the San Luis Valley, and the Adams State Community.

Annelise Allen

Volunteering provided me not only with volunteer experience that I can put on a resume, but also a way for me to learn about and serve the community which I now call home.

Briana Gonzales

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are a vital piece for effective community based learning. The expertise they bring broadens student scholarship and deepens the service experience. Faculty and staff can especially contribute in areas like community research and systems and process development. The involvement of Adams State professionals in post-experience reflection and in the assessment of outcomes is an additional benefit. We invite faculty and staff to make use of the resources and support available through the Office of Civic Engagement. We are here to support in finding community placements and in creating strong, effective service-learning courses.