Register for Classes

Adams State Degree-Seeking Students

Students who are seeking a degree at Adams State can register via several methods:

Register Online

Login to Student Account, select Student Services, select Registration.

Register In Person at the One Stop

Visit the One Stop Student Services Center in the Student Union Building.

Register by Mail or Fax

Mail a Registration Form to Adams State One Stop Student Services Center, 208 Edgemont Blvd., Alamosa, CO 81101. Registration forms can be faxed to 719-587-7416.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Students who do not wish to pursue a degree at Adams State University may apply as non-degree seeking students.

Avocational (non-degree seeking) students are not formally admitted to Adams State University and are not guaranteed admission should they submit a formal degree-seeking application at a later date. Avocational students are not eligible for financial aid or scholarships.

Students with a bachelor’s degree must apply using the Graduate Non-degree Application/Registration Form regardless of the level of coursework they intend to take. Enrollment in graduate level coursework is on a space available basis and may require departmental approval. Graduate courses in Counselor Education are not available to non-degree seeking students.



Contact One Stop

In person at the One Stop in the Student Union Building.