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The Department of Kinesiology at Adams State University is committed to creating an environment in which the graduate student’s curiosity is stimulated to facilitate lifelong intellectual activity.

While opportunities are provided to augment the student’s breadth of knowledge, emphasis is directed toward specialized fields of study considered integral to the graduate educational process. The graduate
faculty assists in creating a professional and challenging academic environment.

The Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees in Kinesiology provides a core program within the field of HPPE. Students are then able to choose one of five emphasis areas in which to specialize.

Masters of Science

with emphases in

Masters of Arts

with emphases in

Non-Degree Seeking Online Course Offerings

The Department of Kinesiology offers graduate courses that can be taking on a course by course basis without applying to a degree program. Students can take up to 12 credits with the:

Graduate Non-Degree Application

This is a great option for those in Kinesiology related careers looking for continuing education credits or to further their knowledge in a specific content area. To sign up for individual courses contact the graduate program coordinator for each content area, which can be found at the links above regarding each graduate degree program.

Courses offered

  • Applied Sport Psychology
  • Coaching
  • Exercise Science
  • Sport Management

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Kinesiology Highlights

Prepares students for the future with relevant degree plans, a computer/study area, gymnasium, and the energy to prepare their graduates for the ever widening and growing field in health and fitness. Students are exposed to top-of-the-line human performance testing equipment in the Strength and Conditioning Lab, the Biomechanics Lab, and the Human Performance Lab, the Mental Training and the PE pedagogy lab, enriching the learning experience.

Take the Lead

Prepare to be a leader, practitioner, or manager in the fitness, health, and sport industries.

Kinesiology Outcomes

MA in Sport Psychology at Adams State is the least expensive of any other fully online master’s degree in the US
First fully online Applied Sport Psychology master’s degree in the US

MA in Sport Psychology

Most Affordable Online Colleges


Fitness Instruction
General Health & Wellness
Parks / Recreation
Physical Education
Physical Therapy
Sport Management
Sport Psychology / Counseling
Strength & Conditioning

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Kinesiology Faculty

Dupler Terry HPPE
Terry Dupler, Ph.D.
Department Chair | Professor


Tracey Robinson HPPE
Tracey Robinson, Ph.D.
Brian Zulegar HPPE
Brian Zuleger, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Peggy Johnson HPPE
Peggy Johnson
Aaron Tuitoti Mariner HPPE
Aaron Tuioti-Mariner
Visiting Assistant Professor
Lukus Klawitter
Visiting Assistant Professor
Maria Martinez
Visiting Instructor

Kinesiology Curriculum

Explore Some of Our Courses

KIN 545: Exercise and Sport Nutrition (3 hours)
An advances study of nutrition as it applies to exercise and sport. Application of nutrition practices to health, fitness and performance will be explored, as well as issues of supplementation, drug abuse, weight loss/gain strategies, and metabolic nutritional requirements for a variety of sports and exercising individuals.

KIN 505: Sports Mrkting & Public Relation (3 hours)
This course prepares students with the tools needed to develop effective marketing and public relations strategies for sports and athletic programs. Topics such as marketing, advertising, public relations strategies, consumer behavior, licensing, and sponsorships will be explored.

KIN 536: Sport Psychology (3 hours)
A study of the fundamental concepts, science and theory in sport psychology and the implications for effective teaching and coaching related to this knowledge.

KIN 504: Methods of Coaching (3 hours)
This course focuses on the foundations of coaching any sport at all levels. Students will have the opportunity to develop a personal coaching philosophy that will encompass ethical and professional expectations in the field of coaching. Instructional and theoretical techniques will be used to show effective coaching strategies, behavioral issues, and personal roles of coaches to enhance or increase athletic performance. This course will also focus on the differences between levels in competitive sports, including youth programs, interscholastic, intercollegiate levels.

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